Mountain Biker Has No Business on This Cliff

Mountain biker Kilian Bron might have a death wish, since riding on a narrow cliff ridge is his idea of fun. In a recent video posted to Instagram, Bron rides his mountain bike along a barely-there ridge maybe halfway up a steep cliff. And he doesn’t appear to be going slowly or cautiously, either.

We can’t tell you where this cliff is, how high it is, or how Bron turned around once he ran out of viable track on this ridge, but we can tell you that this video is gnarly and worth a watch if you love extreme sports and stunning outdoor places.

Bron’s hashtags #DontLookDown and #LivingontheEdge are poignant.

Watch it here:

Bron captioned the video with some advice for other mountain bikers to stay on the track and not to try to show off for social media brownie points. He also provides some insight into his own process when attempting stunts like this:

“Follow the process while giving a sense to each of these key words, step by step : 1️⃣ Work 2️⃣ Time 3️⃣ Anticipation 4️⃣ Self-confidence 5️⃣ Control 6️⃣ Environment.”

Here’s Bron doing another ridiculous and impressive thing, this time in Moab, Utah. In this case, he’s going down a cliff, not across it, and he definitely would have had to look down.

Does anything scare this guy? We’re guessing not—at least not when he’s on his bike.

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