Milwaukee M18 Telescoping Pole Pruning Shears

Having pruned my share of palms, Crepe Myrtles, and small water oaks, doing it the manual way is no fun (or as profitable if you’re a professional). This goes double when doing this job in the Florida heat. Taking some of the effort out of tasks like pruning through the use of a battery solution can be a lifesaver. A good quality pruner also keeps you off a ladder when reaching for those medium-height branches. Milwaukee released its M18 Telescoping Pole Pruning Shears to simplify a once-difficult task and provide Pros with a new way to accomplish an age-old task. We checked out this tool to see how it can help you whip your trees and your clients’ trees into shape.

Reasons to Buy

  • Super long runtime
  • Much more ergonomic compared to manual pole pruning saws
  • 12 feet of reach

Consider Another Model If You…

  • Need more than 12 feet of reach or 1.75″ of cut capacity
  • Plan to work far away from a power source

Milwaukee Pole Pruning Shears Overview

The Milwaukee 3008-20 telescoping pole pruning shears can cut branches up to 1-3/4 inches in diameter. This tool has a collapsed length of 7 feet and telescopes out to 10 feet, letting you make quick work of high-up branches without the need for a ladder.

To extend the length, simply unscrew the collar to loosen it and pull the silver telescoping end to the desired length. Then, re-tighten the collar and you’re good to go!

Milwaukee Pole Pruning Shears

Like the M12 pruning shears, the 3008-20 has a reactive trigger and blade system. Pulling the trigger engages the blade. Let go, and it opens back up. That means that even if you don’t want to complete a full cut, you can release the trigger and the blade immediately retracts.

According to Milwaukee, when using the 6.0Ah battery included with the kit, this tool can achieve up to a whopping 2000 prunes per charge on 1-inch branches. That’s more than a full day’s work for most.


  • Model: Milwaukee 3008-20
  • Cutting capacity: up to 1-3/4 inches
  • Telescopes from 7 feet to 10 feet
  • Up to 2000 cuts per charge with a 6.0Ah battery
  • Up to 3X faster pruning compared to manual methods
  • Weight: 14 pounds (with 6.0Ah battery)

Milwaukee Pole Pruning Shears Price

This tool will be available for $499 for the bare tool and $699 for the kit, starting in March 2024. Milwaukee backs your purchase with a 3-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

For those working on a landscaping crew, having access to a battery-powered pole pruner can dramatically reduce time wasted trimming minor branches from the ground. That can lead to increased profit margins and fewer potential injuries from overexertion and the use of ladders.

For the price, it makes sense to keep one on your truck or trailer and use it when needed. For larger branches, you can make use of the same batteries with the Milwaukee M18 Fuel telescoping pole saw.

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