Milwaukee M18 Cordless 1-Ton Compact Chain Hoist

When you think of a hoist with a 1-ton lifting capacity, you probably picture a few things. First, it calls to mind a tool with some weight. And, second, a solution that’s the opposite of portable. However, Milwaukee has a new product heading to the market that should take care of both: the M18 Compact Chain Hoist (2983-22HD).

One thing I’ll say before we get down to business is that its size might take you by surprise, particularly considering its intended capabilities. And that makes the following tour all the more interesting. So, that said, let’s dive into what this hoist can do.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless 1-Ton Compact Chain Hoist Performance

Considering performance and design as a package deal, the 2983-22HD is versatile. Indeed, based on its features, the applications are manifold.

Among the biggest assets here is its wireless design. This hoist runs off of the M18 REDLITHIUM high-output HD12.0 battery system.

milwaukee m18 compact chain hoist

Milwaukee Compact Chain Hoist Specs

  • Model: Milwaukee 2983-22HD
  • Battery: M18 REDLITHIUM HD12.0
  • Dimensions: 17.8 in (L) x 9.2 in (W) x 11.5 in (H)
  • Lift capacity: 1 metric ton 2,204 lbs
  • Chain length: 20 ft
  • Weight: 46 lbs (one-man carry)
  • Record storage via ONE-KEY

This not only simplifies installs, but it also greatly enhances portability–especially when you factor in the included Packout rolling cart.

In my shop, something like this would be great because it would enable me to choose multiple areas to have set-ups ready to use it. Taking it down will be easier, too. However, to be clear, this tool is for heavy-duty work in professional settings.

Milwaukee also earns points for making this chain hoist compact, and, therefore, light: just 46 pounds. We’re talking about a unit that’s essentially the size of a residential garage door opener.

Yet, perhaps the most important aspect of this tool is its lifting capacity. You’re looking at 1 metric ton here. That’s over 2,200 pounds or roughly two grand pianos; with a 20-foot chain, you’ll be able to lift a variety of materials.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless 1-Ton Compact Chain Hoist Design

Milwaukee 2983-22HDMilwaukee 2983-22HD

The 2983-22HD has plenty to offer in terms of design, as well.

Specifically, two things impress me. The first is that Milwaukee designed this compact chain hoist for either standard or inverted installations.

And, next, there’s the matter of operation. In addition to a wireless remote with a 60-foot range, you should have notably precise control. For example, the 2983-22HD has both variable speed and fine-tuning capabilities.

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Milwaukee 2983-22HD Price and Availability

Currently, Milwaukee has not announced a price or a release date for its new chain hoist. When it does hit shelves, it will be available as a kit that comes with the hoist and chain, a remote control, the Packout roll cart, two batteries, and a rapid charger.

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