Memorial Day — Carrying the Torch

Memorial Day – a day set aside to commemorate the brave hearts that laid down their lives for our nation. A day to remember that freedom isn’t really free and the rights we enjoy were paid — and continue to be paid for — with American blood. It is a day to remember those who hover as a cloud of witnesses above. 

Today is a day off work for most; a day to enjoy family, friends and some good eats. While there is a somber tone for many — particularly for those who have recently lost loved ones or Brother/Sisters-in-arms. It is also a day to celebrate our liberty, constitutional rights, and freedoms.

Unknown Soldier Grave

Properly planned, I would propose a portion of the day be dedicated to remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedoms. A portion of the day should also be spent rejoicing that sacrifice by enjoying our freedoms. And like all good holidays, a portion for rest and repose.

Whether you choose to remember a lost loved one, burn some meat on the grill, celebrate the day by popping a few caps at the range or something off the beaten path, please remember to take the appropriate time thank the fallen heroes, for the glory is theirs, but the duty to remember and carry the torch forward is ours.

Do you have a hero to remember? Please list him or her in the Comment section for all to honor this Memorial Day. I’ll start with Capt. Ricardo A. Crocker.

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