Manufactured Anarchy, After All …How Else Can They “Win” the Election


While The People are virtuous, they cannot be subdued. But, once they lose their virtue, then they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader. ~ Samuel Adams.

We’re there!

Entire segments of our population have been told (by sleazy, amoral Democrat & RINO Republican politicians) that they need not obey the law. They have been given permission to steal, destroy property, and injure innocent people, all with impunity.

Atlanta, GA:

“On opening day of the Six Flags facility in GA last Sunday, a spontaneous riot broke-out involving multiple-hundreds of “youths.” Gunfire was involved. Several gunshot injuries. People were attacked and robbed. Many injured. Police were completely overwhelmed!”

“Civil disorder” (aka: anarchy) is hardly “news” anymore. The Six Flags riot described above didn’t even make national headlines.

New York, NY:

“In a cynical display of impotent “security theater,” NY’s governor has declared NY’s National Guardsmen will now be patrolling NYC’s violence-ridden subway system. First photos show camouflage-clad troopers, all unarmed, aboard subway trains. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for one of these defenseless troopers to be shot by an armed, illegal-alien gang-member!”

Of course, the governor would never trust these troopers with guns.

Denver, CO:

“Denver’s mayor is sheepishly begging the city’s already-beleaguered home-owners to unhesitatingly open their homes to “newcomers” (aka: unvetted, unhealthy, non-English-speaking, illegal aliens). When asked what these illegal migrants will actually do while they’re “guests” in your home, and how home-owners will subsequently be able to evict these “guests,” the mayor, not surprisingly, has no answers. Sounds like a bad deal to me! Meanwhile, the City’s hospitals, schools, parks, sanitary systems, etc are completely overwhelmed, and it grows worse by the day.”

The foregoing is just the tip of the iceberg. Between now and 2025, what can only be described as “anarchy” will become a daily occurrence, particularly in metro areas.

Legitimate American citizens who own property, work for a living, pay taxes, and obey the law are utterly forgotten by Deep-State politicians. We may as well not exist!

Leftists/Marxists are counting on illegal votes from all these illegal aliens to keep them in power. With regard to personal safety, we’ll have to provide our own. We mean nothing to Leftists/Marxists who run our cities.

We’ve created an unchallenged political orthodoxy within which people have convinced themselves that the laws of the universe don’t apply to them, and we dutifully protect them from the logical consequences of their arrogant stupidity.

That “works,” of course, right up to the moment the Visigoths show up!

Well, the Visigoths are here, and we’re letting them in!


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