Makita 40V max High Torque String Trimmer GRU07

Makita’s 40V GRU07 String Trimmer Offers High Power and a Large Cutting Swath

Makita’s 40V platform offers tons of variety, more power, and added runtime for demanding applications, making it a popular battery-powered choice for lawn care Pros looking to substitute or replace their gas OPE. The GRU07 string trimmer is no exception, featuring the largest cutting swath out of Makita’s 40V string trimmer roster and more torque than previous models. I’m looking at what the Makita 40V max High Torque String Trimmer has to offer so you can decide if it’s right for your lawn care team.

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Makita 40V max High Torque String Trimmer Performance

Makita 40V max High Torque String Trimmer
  • Model: Makita GRU07 
  • Power equivalency: 35cc
  • Dual rotation trimmer head
  • No load speed: 0 – 5700 RPM
  • Cutting swath: 18 inches
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Cruise control
  • High-torque Boost mode for demanding applications

The Makita GRU07 string trimmer provides power equivalent to a 35cc string trimmer, making it a true gas replacement. It has an 18-inch cutting swath, which is which is the largest of all of the brand’s 40V string trimmers.

What sets it apart is its dual-rotating head, which spins both clockwise and counterclockwise to help you clear grass clippings from sidewalks and other surfaces. It also features a high-torque boost mode to power through dense, overgrown areas with up to 20% more torque than Makita’s GRU03 model.

This string trimmer reaches a top cutting speed of 5700 RPM. A variable speed trigger gives you more control over your cutting speed, while the cruise control function helps reduce fatigue for long grass-trimming sessions.

Makita 40V max High Torque String Trimmer Design

Makita 40V max High Torque String TrimmerMakita 40V max High Torque String Trimmer
  • Dimensions: 76.5 x 13 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 13.5 pounds (with battery)
  • Steel drive shaft
  • High-visibility string guard
  • Rapid load bump and feed trimmer head
  • IPX4 rating
  • Adjustable loop handle

As mentioned above, this is Makita’s highest-capacity string trimmer, with an 18-inch cutting swath. This is helped by a 5-inch high-capacity trimmer head that comes pre-loaded with .105 trimmer line. Makita designed this tool with a high-visibility string guard to help you see your cutting area more clearly.

The GRU07 string trimmer features a steel drive shaft that reduces vibration and provides increased durability and a longer tool life. With a weight of 13.5 pounds (including a 5.0Ah battery), the adjustable loop handle also helps keep the tool balanced.

Additionally, a standard bump-feed function keeps your line exposed while you work. When you need to reload your line, Makita makes it easy with a three-step process: simply align the line, feed it through, and twist the trimmer head to spool it.

Makita 40V max High Torque String Trimmer Price

At the time of writing, Makita hasn’t released a price for this string trimmer, nor is it listed on any online retailers. We do know that it will come in both a bare tool and kit configuration, with the kit including two 5.0Ah batteries and a rapid charger. We will update this article as we learn more about pricing and availability.

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