Magpul Joins SAF as Platinum Corporate Partner

Magpul PMAG Gen3 (Window) 30 Round AR-15 Magazines
Magpul PMAG Gen3 (Window) 30 Round AR-15 Magazines

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is pleased to announce that Magpul has joined the organization as a corporate partner at the Platinum level.

“Magpul is excited to support the efforts of the Second Amendment Foundation in defending our Second Amendment rights throughout our personal and professional lives,” said Magpul Executive Vice President Duane Liptak. “Their work is vital to the continued existence of a lifestyle that includes the absolute right to own and bear arms.”

Magpul was founded in 1999 with the concept of developing an easy-to-use product to solve the handling and speed problems associated with handling rifle magazines under stress. The company name comes from this original product, the Magpul. This simple innovation – and the mindset of problem-solving through better design, materials, and user experience – led to others that redefined the experience customers had with their firearms. More than two decades later, Magpul has grown significantly, but still follows the same mission and processes, focusing on innovation, simplicity and efficiency.

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Their product lines now include hundreds of firearms accessories, along with other experience-enhancing gear, and all have been designed to professional-use standards. Magpul now makes more than 400 unique products with hundreds of variants, including magazines, stocks, slings, sights, grips, bipods, rifle cases and other organization and storage solutions, eyewear, and a lot more dependable, hard-use gear.

“Magpul has been a staunch SAF corporate partner, and we greatly appreciate their decision to increase their commitment to help us continue to defend, secure and restore our Second Amendment freedoms,” said SAF Executive Director Adam Kraut. “With five active challenges to magazine capacity restrictions, Magpul recognizes the importance of supporting our legal efforts to ensure that its customers, and all Americans, are able to exercise their right to keep and bear arms, regardless of where they are located. We are grateful for their support.”

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