Jessie Harrison Clinches 1st Place in Ladies Open at Boland Handgun National Championships

Jessie Harrison Clinches 1st Place in Ladies Open at Boland Handgun National Championships

Team Taurus proudly announces that their esteemed Team Captain, Jessie Harrison, emerged victorious, securing the 1st place in the Ladies Open category at the recent tournament held in Capetown, South Africa earlier this month. The competition served as a vital preparatory ground for the upcoming 2025 IPSC World Shoot, set to take place in the same vibrant locale.

With 22 IPSC-style stages featuring a dynamic blend of speed and precision, the tournament provided an ideal platform for honing skills crucial for international competitions. Noteworthy were the open paper targets with minimal no-shoots at a distance and the challenge posed by the 6” steel plates dominating the majority of the steel targets.

Reflecting on her experience, Jessie Harrison expressed her enthusiasm for the event, stating, “I enjoyed shooting in Capetown so much, everyone was extremely welcoming and helpful! The stages were true to IPSC competition, providing the training we were looking for to prepare for next year.”

Despite encountering the unexpected trials of summer heat and navigating through very small steel plates, Jessie embraced the opportunity to familiarize herself with the unique conditions prevalent in this part of the world. She remarked, “The summer heat and very small steel plates caught me by surprise, but that’s exactly why I wanted to make the trip, to learn what to expect when competing in that part of the world.”

South Africa holds a special place in Jessie’s heart, and she eagerly anticipates her return later this year for their level 4 event. Her dedication to mastering the challenges of international competition exemplifies the spirit of Team Taurus, setting a standard for excellence in the realm of competitive shooting.

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