Ingersoll Rand W8171/W8191 IQV20 High-Torque Impact Wrench Review

The Ingersoll Rand IQV20 High-Torque Impact Wrench Sets A New Standard for Cordless Power

When it comes to professional cordless power tools, Ingersoll Rand may not be your first thought…but I think that’s about to change. IR is making a big push to expand their cordless lineup, which now includes many of what we consider core tools. In particular, we’re excited about getting our hands on the Ingersoll Rand IQV20 High-Torque Impact Wrenches, which they claim are the most powerful cordless models currently on the market.


  • Strongest cordless pistol grip impact wrench
  • Adjustable fastening torque
  • 360° LED work light
  • Well balanced
  • Polished finish for easy cleanup


Ingersoll Rand IQV20 High-Torque Impact Wrench Performance

Ingersoll Rand IQV20 High-Torque Impact Wrench
  • No-Load Speed: 1350 RPM
  • Impact Rate: 1900 IPM
  • Fastening Torque: 1300 ft-lbs
  • Breakaway Torque: 2000 ft-lbs

Let’s Talk Speed

When it comes to speed, these high-powered brushless impact wrenches top out at 1,350 RPMs with an impact rate of 1,900 IPM. That’s a little slower than some of the other cordless models on the market, but with its higher torque specs, it’s not really a surprise since there’s typically an inverse relationship between speed and torque.

IQV Power Control System

Power regulators are nothing new in the pneumatic world, but Ingersoll Rand took it one step further. The IQV Power Control System dial on the rear of the tool body allows you to adjust the fastening torque from Hand Tight all the way up to Max power in seconds. With that level of control, these high-powered tools incredibly useful beyond just breaking frozen nuts and bolts.

Speed RegulatorSpeed Regulator
Mode Hand Tight Wrench Tight Mid-Power Max power
Fastening 20 ft-lbs 180 ft-lbs 450 ft-lbs 1200 ft-lbs
Breakaway 2000 ft-lbs 2000 ft-lbs 2000 ft-lbs 2000 ft-lbs

Ingersoll Rand IQV20 High-Torque Impact Wrench Design Notes

Ingersoll Rand IQV20 High-Torque Impact WrenchIngersoll Rand IQV20 High-Torque Impact Wrench
  • Model: Ingersoll Rand W8171 (3/4-inch), W8191 (1-inch)
  • Power Source: Ingersoll Rand 20V battery
  • W8171 Weight: 7.7 lbs (bare), 9.25 lbs (with 5.0Ah battery)
  • W8191 Weight: 7.8 lbs (bare), 9.4 lbs (with 5.0Ah battery)
  • Length: 8.77 in. (both models)
  • Ingress Rating: IPX6

Size and Weight

These heavy-duty impact wrenches are certainly no featherweights, but for what it’s worth, they’re incredibly well-balanced. The W8171 weighs in at 7.7 pounds as a bare tool and 9.25. pounds with a 5.0Ah battery, while its 1-inch counterpart hits 7.8 pounds bare and 9.4 pounds with the same battery.

Ingersoll Rand IQV20 High-Torque Impact WrenchIngersoll Rand IQV20 High-Torque Impact Wrench

Considering that comparable rear-handle models in this class can easily hit 20 pounds, I’d say those specs are pretty respectable.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by these tools. Like I mentioned before, both models are well-balanced and feature a textured rubber overmold grip. Additionally, there are rubber bumpers on the sides and rear of the tool for increased protection on the jobsite.

Ingersoll Rand IQV20 High-Torque Impact WrenchIngersoll Rand IQV20 High-Torque Impact Wrench

Both models measure 8.77 inches from tip to tail, putting them right in line with their pneumatic counterparts. The being said, this is one of the most powerful cordless pistol grip impact wrenches on the market, which gives it a distinct size advantage over the more traditional two-handed rear handle designs.

Additional Features

  • Halo style LED worklight
  • Polished finish for easy cleaning
  • Compatible with all IR IQV20 batteris

Ingersoll Rand IQV20 High-Torque Impact Wrench Price

The 3/4-inch W8171 retails for $398.45 as a bare tool and as a 2-battery kit for $576.71 while the 1-inch W8191 is only available as a bare tool at $523.07. IR backs these tools with a 3-year limited warranty on the tool and charger, 2-year high-capacity battery replacement, and a 1-year replacement agreement on tools

The Bottom Line

When you need peak power, the Ingersoll Rand W8000 series cordless impact wrenches are ready to answer the call. They offer industry leading strength in a lightweight pistol grip design that makes the transition from pneumatic models easier than ever. Plus, with multiple anvil options, versitile power, and a trusted name, this tool offers everything a Pro needs to get the job done right.

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