Ingersoll Rand W3151 Cordless 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Review

Ready to cut the cord or hose from your impact wrench? We’re taking a close look at the Ingersoll Rand W3151 1/2-inch compact cordless impact wrench to show how it can help you make the change with style.

Reasons to Buy

  • Strong performance for the compact class
  • 3 modes offer more control when you need it
  • Hose-free, cord-free convenience
  • Durable build
  • 360° LED light eliminates shadows around your target fastener
  • Excellent design ergonomics
  • Lightest and most compact cordless impact wrench on the IQV20 system

Reasons to Consider Another Model

  • Some applications require more torque
  • Some competimg designs are even more compact

Ingersoll Rand W3151 Cordless Impact Wrench Performance

Ingersoll Rand W3151 Cordless Impact Wrench Performance

If you’ve been paying attention to the launch of Ingersoll Rand’s cordless impact wrenches, you’ve likely noticed that the W3131 (3/8-inch drive) and the W3151 (1/2-inch drive) are nearly identical. In fact, the only significant difference between them is the drive size.

However, it makes a difference as the W3151 is rated for 450 ft-lbs of breakaway torque—50 ft-lbs more than the 3/8-inch version. Fastening is rated for 320 ft-lbs (20 ft-lbs higher than the W3131).

For speed, you top out at 2800 RPM. There are also 3 modes to work with, each one increasing in both speed and torque as you move from mode 1 to mode 3.

Mode SelectionMode Selection

That puts this model on par with DeWalt’s DCF921 Atomic compact model and ahead of Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel compact 2855.

That said, if I’m constantly removing bolts in the 400 – 450 ft-lb range, I’m reaching for my mid-torque simply because it breaks them faster. But think about how many fasteners you come across that are in the W3151’s wheelhouse. On the automotive side, there’s everything from brakes to lug nuts. Moving over to construction, you have large structural and timber screws.

Consider the number of times your compact impact wrench didn’t have the muscle and you had to switch to a larger, heavier model. Ingersoll Rand pushes that limit further, allowing you to use a less-fatiguing tool for a larger number of applications.

Ingersoll Rand W3151 Cordless Impact Wrench Design Notes

Durable Build

Ingersoll Rand W3151 Cordless Impact Wrench Design NotesIngersoll Rand W3151 Cordless Impact Wrench Design Notes

Before we dive into what’s more obviouson the outside, we need to talk about what’s on the inside of this model. As you compare compact cordless impact wrenches, it’s easy to make a decision based solely on specifications, but they don’t tell the whole story. If they did, no one would ever be disappointed.

In the compact class, the Ingersoll Rand W3151 proved it’s a solid performer for a wide range of fastening and loosening tasks. But what really sets it apart from other models you might be considering is its durablity. The design team behind this impact wrench made sure that the stellar reputation of IR’s pneumatic impact wrenches is also in its cordless tools.

You can feel it in the heft of the build, where components such as a full-metal gear box give it a longer service life than other options. Even on the outside, substatial bumpers ensure the tool survives drops better in addition to protecting your work surface.


Tight SpacesTight Spaces

The W3151 weighs 2.3 pounds as a bare tool. The working weight depends on which battery and socket combination you use. The 2.5Ah battery is great when you’re working with smaller fasteners or when you’re reaching for the tool less often. That makes the total weight 3.3 pounds.

When you’re working closer to the top of the impact wrench’s capabilities of for more frequent use, the 5.0Ah battery is the way to go. With that pack, the weight is 3.9 pounds. By comparison, Ingersoll Rand is right where DeWalt and Milwaukee are with their compact impact wrench weights.

As the most compact cordless impact wrench in the, the head length is just 5.3 inches, getting you into tight spots, such as engine bays and brake calipers well.

The physdical shape is ergonomically designed. The head sits at an upward angle from the handle, allowing your wrist to remain in a more natural position as you work. The handle also angles back and has a curve that fits my hand well.

The handle gets a full overmold wrap that does a nice job of improving the comfort, reducing the effects of vibraiton, and securing your grip. A variety of L-shaped cutouts in it help channel moisture away, so you can remain confident in your grip even when you’re sweaty.

360° LED

The LED light isn’t something that normally stands out on a cordless impact wrench. However, you’ll notice the difference with Ingersoll Rand’s design. Instead of putting a light on the foot, there’s an LED ring surrounding the drive. Unlike other models that use a similar placement, there’s also a diffuser around the halo. The result is a full, even lighting of your work area.

You can forget about casting shadows across your target fastener or having to fiddle with headlamps or other woklights. It’s one of those things that seems like it’s not a big deal until you use and realize how convenient is really is.

Ingersoll Rand W3151 Cordless Impact Wrench Price

There are several retailers carrying Ingersoll Rand’s cordless tools, and we’ve found the most convenient (and often least expensive) place to get them is on Amazon. The W3151 kit includes a 2.5Ah battery, a 5.0Ah battery, and charger for $399.95. If you’re already on the IQV20 system, the bare tool is $229.99.

The tool comes with a 3-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

If you’re going to own a compact cordless impact wrench, you want one that’s as versatile as possible that still has the durablity to thrive in the shop or on a jobsite. That’s what the Ingersoll Rand W3151 offers. Its performance competes at the top of the compact class and it’s built to last. Add in solid ergonomics and that fantastic 360° LED and you have a top-tier cordless model from a brand that knows impact tools.

Ingersoll Rand W3151 Specifications

  • Power Source: Ingersoll Rand IQV20 20V Max battery
  • Drive: 1/2-inch square
  • Breakaway Torque: 450 ft-lbs
  • No-Load Speed: 2800 RPM
  • Impact Rate: 4200 IPM
  • Bare Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • Length: 5.3 in
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