HUXWRX Safety Co. Announces Partnership with Genesis Arms to Introduce VENTUM 12K Shotgun Suppressor

HUXWRX Safety Co. Announces Partnership with Genesis Arms to Introduce VENTUM 12K Shotgun Suppressor

In a collaboration designed to revolutionize the shooting experience, HUXWRX Safety Co. (HUXWRX) and Genesis Arms (Genesis) announce a strategic partnership and unveil the VENTUM 12k, a groundbreaking new shotgun suppressor.

The VENTUM 12k suppressor boasts an impressive array of features. This compact and lightweight design prioritizes maneuverability without sacrificing functionality. Full auto-rated, it caters to law enforcement and military applications. This suppressor effectively reduces the sound signature of a shotgun blast, enhancing the experience for hunters, target shooters, and those using shotguns for self-defense. A unique breacher cap also provides a tactical advantage for law enforcement and military personnel. This suppressor attaches to Genesis shotguns without requiring any firearm modifications and is compatible with breaching loads and recreational shotgun loads.

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“We are thrilled to partner with Genesis Arms to bring the VENTUM 12k shotgun suppressor to market,” said Richard Elder CEO of HUXWRX Safety Co. “This collaboration showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of suppressor technology and providing shooters with the highest quality products.”

This partnership combines the expertise of HUXWRX in suppressor design and Genesis Arms’ reputation for premium shotguns. The result is a state-of-the-art shotgun suppressor offering unmatched performance and reliability.

About HUXWRX Safety Co.:

HUXWRX Safety Co. is pioneering technology in high-velocity environments with innovative systems that seamlessly integrate safety and performance. Trusted by armed forces and law enforcement agencies worldwide, HUXWRX is rapidly becoming the suppressor standard of choice, thanks to the simplicity and effectiveness of their systems. With a safety-forward approach embedded in every design, HUXWRX ensures not just performance, but peace of mind. Their patented and proven Flow-Through® technology mitigates sound and flash signatures while reducing exposure to toxic fumes without compromising weapon reliability or functionality. HUXWRX Safety Co. is leading advancements that redefine firearm suppression in an age of rapid technological evolution.HUXWRX LogoHUXWRX Logo

About Genesis Arms:

Genesis Arms was founded with a focus on modernizing the 12-gauge platform with improved ergonomics and ammo capacity. The GEN-12 is a short recoil operated, magazine fed, and AR controls making the GEN-12 the most practical shotgun in the market today. It’s as reliable as your grandpa’s pump shotgun and performs as confidently as legacy shotguns. The GEN-12 is quickly becoming the go-to professional 12-gauge. The GEN-12 is the most innovative and adaptable 12-gauge which has earned it the nickname The Ultimate Shotgun.

The VENTUM 12k shotgun suppressor will be available exclusively through Genesis Arms until 2025 when it will be released to approved dealers nationwide. Please visit Genesis Arms at and HUXWRX Safety Co. at for more information.

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