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After more than 300 years in business, there aren’t many things Husqvarna hasn’t made. We’re talking about an array of products, ranging from firearms and kitchen equipment to bicycles and sewing machines. Of course, they owe their iconic status today to their outdoor power tools–especially chainsaws. And, with the Pro market shifting to cordless gear, the company has focused heavily on satisfying that demand. A case in point is the latest addition to its chainsaw fleet: the Husqvarna T542i XP.

Let’s dive into what this unit has to offer.

Editor’s note: While we’ll be focusing on the top-handle T542i XP, we should note that it has a rear-handle sibling: the 542i XP.

Husqvarna T542i XP Chainsaw Performance Features

Now, before we get into the usual performance and design elements, one feature in particular makes the T542i XP stand out. According to Husqvarna, this top-handle model is the world’s first battery-powered chainsaw with a clutch.

So, what does that mean for the user?

Well, the clutch is what engages and disengages the chain on gas units. Most importantly, this keeps the chain from spinning when the saw is idling. Given that’s not a concern on cordless models, Husqvarna tells us that the T542i XP chainsaw’s clutch has two main performance advantages.

the husqvarna t542i xp is the world's first cordless chainsaw with a clutch
The world’s first cordless chainsaw with a clutch.


  • Model: Husqvarna T542i XP
  • Battery: 40V lithium-ion
  • Brushless motor
  • Bar lengths: 12 in, 14 in, 16 in
  • Auto oiler
  • Weight: 8.16 lbs

First, it gives you a quick burst of chain speed when you pull the trigger. This should help prevent the chain from getting stuck in the wood. Second, it gives the tool a gas chainsaw-like feel.

On the power side of things, the T542i XP runs on a brushless motor and Husqvarna’s 40V battery system. Together, they generate an output equivalent to a 40cc gas engine.

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Husqvarna T542i XP Chainsaw Design

When it comes to design (and power, for that matter), the T542i XP isn’t much different from its 36V predecessor, the T540i XP.

It’s a bit heavier, at a shade over 8 pounds. But, generally speaking, you’re still looking at a 40cc gas equivalence, a choice in 12-, 14-, and 16-inch bar lengths, and the sundry benefits of a cordless design.

The clutch is the saw’s primary distinction.

t542i xp and 542i xpt542i xp and 542i xp

Nonetheless, there are a few additional touches worth noting. For instance, Husqvarna equipped the T542i XP chainsaw with an intuitive, easily accessible keypad. Anything that streamlines operation is a welcomed inclusion, especially when working aloft.

Another feature we like is the chain oil sensor. When the level gets low, an indicator lights up on the keypad. This all but eliminates the need to check the reservoir, allowing you to keep your eyes and mind on the cutting task at hand.

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Husqvarna T542i XP Price

The Husqvarna T542i XP Chainsaw retails as a kit that includes a 40V battery and charger: $1,099.99 (12-inch), $1,109.99 (14-inch), and $1,119.99 (16-inch).

You can also pick it up as a bare tool for $679.99 (12-inch), $689.99 (14-inch), and $699.99 (16-inch).

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