Here’s a Place You Wouldn’t Expect to Find a Snake: Disney World

There are a lot of places you do expect to see snakes, and a lot of activities that might bring you up close and personal with them. You know, like hiking and camping in the wilderness—typical outdoor stuff. One place you don’t really expect to see a snake is Disney World.

Buzz Bradley, @DisneyOnParade on X, seems to be having the best time at the Walt Disney World Resort. On Sunday, he posted a photo of a snake apparently hanging out at Epcot, one of the resort’s four theme parks.

Disney is really good at maintaining that fourth wall—that invisible wall between performance and reality. Sometimes, though, real life still happens, even when you’re at Disney. In this case, a Florida snake appears to have wanted to spend some time at the happiest place on Earth.

Who can really blame it?

One commentator on Twitter suggests the Disney World snake is a southern black racer, a common and nonvenomous species native to Florida.

Adult southern black racers can be up to 56 inches long. They’re black or blue/black with some white markings near the head, which, unfortunately, we can’t see in this picture to get a solid identification on it.

Fortunately for Epcot visitors, if this is a southern black racer, they’re not aggressive. It’d likely flee when approached.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve seen a snake?
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