Help Us Break Through the Big-Tech Anti-Gun Filters, WhiteList AmmoLand News

Welcome to the many new readers of AmmoLand News. Just a quick reminder to all our loyal friends. Please whitelist our email if you have not already done so.  Thanks so very much for the loyalty and support.

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Help Us Break Through the Big-Tech Anti-Gun Filters, WhiteList AmmoLand News, iStock

Daily readers of AmmoLand News, we need your help breaking through the big tech anti-gun technology filter walls that “they” apply to your email boxes and our patriot news channel. Not a subscriber!? You can sign up right here!

As you know, AmmoLand Shooting Sports News is constantly shadow-banned in all social media, but we are also randomly blocked by big tech’s email systems, and dumped into your spam box or just not delivered through many email client filters. Even though our reporting is held to a much higher standard by internet troll fact-checkers than the garbage mainstream media outlets, the email service providers still hold our feet to the fire just because they hate what our readers and we stand for. Keeping America Free!

In the end, we have more factual, more accurate, and more honest reporting about the reality of the world we’re living in today, and our email deserves to be read by everyone and delivered fairly!

You need to take action.

WhiteList AmmoLand News in Your Email Client

We have been re-investing in AmmoLand’s email client to make it as technologically perfect as possible to meet all the standards (read: demands) of the 2A-biased mail delivery giants, Google, Yahoo, etc. We are improving the reliable delivery of our email by perfecting the technical fundamentals of our emailing profile. While many of you did NOT notice the improvements, we are sure that a portion of our readers still do not get their regular daily emails because of these strict (some could argue biased) email delivery protocols. To prevent that from continuing, we need everyone, especially the many new daily readers to whitelist our email address. Please follow the instructions below for your particular email service. We have embedded several how-to videos and links to pages with step-by-step instructions for different email clients.

It will only take you about 14 seconds to whitelist our email, we promise! If you do not see your email provider listed (maybe you still use a CompuServe email??) just Google “how to whitelist emails on [insert your email provider].”

The Change Won’t Effect Me Why Should I Do This?

We know our tough-take-no-BS readers are already the boots-on-the-ground advocates in the fight to preserve our right to keep and bear arms, so this will be a much easier action to take than those in-person battles. Taking this small step does much more than making sure you get our updates. If all of our email subscribers add our domain name [email protected] to your email client contact list, it not only guarantees delivery of our mail to you but for all the big-tech-snoops collecting personal data it sends the message that all email from domain is not junk mail. That it is not spam and that the content is very much wanted in your top-level inbox. That helps with all our online domain name quality checks. Every one of you that takes this simple step helps us defeat their biased filters designed to stamp out support for the RKBA.

How to Email Whitelist AmmoLand News ~ VIDEOS

Also, check these pages for step by step instructions for different mail clients:

Make sure to whitelist this email address: [email protected] and send a big FU to the big-tech thought police.

Please let us know if you are able to help, even a short comment like “Done” is all we need so we can gauge the effort. Also, please add your questions to the comments, and many of our smart readers, as well as our team, will try and help where we can.   ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!

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