Haleakalā National Park Seeking Employee Housing To Lease

The National Park Service is looking to lease some housing in Hawai’i that can be used by Haleakalā National Park employees.

Affordable employee housing is one of the best issues the Park Service is facing. The advent of homeowners renting out their houses to tourists has driven rental prices ever upward near national parks. At Haleakalā, the Park Service hopes to lease three- or more bedroom houses or apartments (furnished, unfurnished, or partially furnished) with full kitchens, bathroom(s), and living/dining space to house between two to seven national park employees. More than one lease may be negotiated to meet the total need. 

Kitchens must have a gas or electric range, refrigerator, kitchen sink, and microwave oven. Lessor must provide utilities (water, sewer, heat, electricity, and trash removal) and parking and facility maintenance. Single-family homes must include a washer and dryer. Apartments or multiplex units must provide washers and dryers in each unit or in a shared laundry room accessible to all tenants. Properties must be located within 50 miles of Haleakalā National Park headquarters at mile marker 11 on Crater Road, Kula.  

The park requires the ability to lease units for one year, with the potential to renew on a yearly basis. Registration by lessor in SAM.gov will be required to lease to the government. The park hopes to have agreements signed by June 2024 for the leasing period. 

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