Gun Carrying Church Deacon Foils Burglary in Beaumont, Texas ~ VIDEO

In a heavenly turn of events, a an armed Beaumont church deacon thwarted a burglary attempt on Tuesday morning in Texas.

Quentin Grant, a deacon at Impact Ministries, arrived at the church in the 1100 block of Delaware St. just before 10:20 a.m. to find a man, later identified as Leon Goodman, 45, in the act of stealing church property.

Grant noticed a speaker sitting in the entryway behind the glass doors, a clear sign that something was amiss. Drawing his gun, Grant entered the church and immediately turned on all the lights, revealing Goodman walking toward him. Deacon Grant ordered Goodman to lay on the floor and called 911, holding him at gunpoint until officers arrived.

The criminal, Goodman, had collected a variety of electronic equipment, including a speaker, a spotlight, and a fan, ready to carry out when Grant intervened. Police confirmed that Goodman, who is well-known to local law enforcement, has a lengthy criminal record. His past convictions include burglary, drug possession, and manufacturing/delivery of controlled substances.

Goodman has a prior list of convictions which 12News obtained from the Jefferson County District Clerk.

  • 1999 – Convicted burglary of a building, sentenced to 4 years probation.
  • 2000 – Probation revoked and got 1 year in prison.
  • 2010 – Convicted of manufacturing/delivery of controlled substance, sentenced to 10 months state jail.
  • 2014 – Convicted of possession of a controlled substance, sentenced to 2 years prison.
  • 2023 – Convicted of possession of a controlled substance, Sentenced to 2 years prison.

This incident highlights the importance of responsible firearm ownership and the role it can play in personal and community safety. Deacon Grant’s quick thinking and preparedness prevented a crime against the church and ensured that justice would be served. Goodman is currently in custody with a bond set at $7,500, charged with burglary of a building.

The local community is relieved that no one was hurt during the incident, and Grant is being praised for his bravery and decisive action. This blessed event serves as a reminder of the potential risks and responsibilities that come with protecting one’s community and how we all need to go armed and with the ability to be very dangerous on a moment’s notice.

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