Gun Banners Step Up Programming of TV/Movie Audiences with #SHOWGUNSAFETY Campaign

Who better to lecture us on “gun safety” than Hollywood? Just ask Alec Baldwin… (Brady United/Twitter)

“This approach of utilizing the entertainment industry to model safe practices is one of the successes of ‘Show Gun Safety,’ a campaign launched by the advocacy group Brady United, which is now partnering with television studios across the country,” a one-sided CNN publicity piece masked as news promotes.

“Real reporters”/PR hacks Josh Campbell and Jason Kravarik are gushing enthusiastically over actor Shamar Moore, whose “SWAT” character locks his gun up at the end of his shift, because apparently, you never need to defend yourself if you’re at home, especially if you’re a trained operator. While it’s not clear if “badass” Officer “Hondo” Harrelson takes the extra step of locking his gun and ammunition up separately, as the gun prohibitionists chide mere “civilians” to do, it is interesting that the grabbers have no problem with “Only Ones” being armed, and this is Moore’s second TV role as someone deemed trustworthy and responsible enough to carry a gun (before taking his current role he played an FBI agent on “Criminal Minds”).

It would also be interesting to determine how many real cops comply with a “one size fits all” approach, and how many are aware that off-duty police storing their guns in “standalone rooms” at the station is a real thing in other countries. Those who expect gun owners to “back the blue” would do well to realize that the only thing stopping the “Defund the Police” crowd from demanding after work disarmament  here is the Second Amendment that so many of them  are quick to infringe on when given orders to follow.

No matter, our gullible, complicit (or both) CNN publicists have lies to spread.

“We lose eight kids a day in this country — a uniquely American epidemic — to family fire,” Brady United president Kris Brown narrated for the media to parrot. “That’s because of firearms in the home that are not safely stored.”

In fact, it’s not an epidemic. If it were, it would not be localized to predictable areas and populations.  And as long as we’re talking about a truthful presentation, we’d be told that “kids” includes criminals old enough to vote and join the military, that “family fire” is a meaningless term used to evoke an emotional response, and that contrary to all the propaganda, “gun violence” is not the “number one killer of kids.” (Just don’t count on the same people who want your guns telling you what is.)

So naturally, showrunner Andrew Dettmann cultishly chimes in with “I think the thing that really pulled me was when they were talking about the fact that guns had become the number one killer of kids.” The object, he then admits, is to “shape viewer behavior.”

They can do that, Brad Bushman, Professor of Communication at The Ohio State University, because “viewers ‘encode’ behavior they see on screen.”

Is anybody else getting creeped out by a deliberate, coordinated and organized psyops campaign by the elites to recruit low-information entertainment watchers to demand citizen disarmament?

Here’s the (latest) rights scam the Bradys are pulling, #SHOWGUNSAFETY, and, no surprise, it looks like Hollywood is tripping all over itself to do its part.

“We help the creative community harness their power as culture-makers to create a safer America free of gun violence through simple, creative, and powerful actions that foster positive behavior change,” they beguile. “Over 200 writers, directors, and producers — including Emmy and Academy Award winners — signed Brady’s open letter agreeing to lead positive culture change by modeling firearm safety on screen.”

It recalls an earlier notable attempt during the Obama administration when senior advisor Valerie Jarrett “revealed why she had come to Hollywood. ‘meeting with writers of various TV shows and movies to try to get it into the scripts.’ The ‘it’ is Obamacare.”

Here’s the list of Brady luminaries vying for a latter-day Leni Riefenstahl Award, committed to making bleeding edge propaganda with state-of-the-art production values. Catch their names in the credits and you’ll know you’re being manipulated!

You are, of course, every time you turn on the tube, and not just on guns.

So just turn it off, right? Rip out the cable! Don’t watch the propaganda, and there won’t be a problem? Not quite.

First of all, some of us have to keep tabs on what the public is being subjected to if we’re going to stay informed on what those who want to disarm us are up to and what they’re doing to manipulate political sentiments of the electorate.

Second, a show like “SWAT” reaches millions of viewers. When you see polls that tell you how the majority of Americans favor “safe storage” or “red flags,” or “background checks” or “assault weapon bans,” it’s because the only information they’re getting is through fawning crap like the CNN “report” and through “entertainment” propaganda.  An article like this, that counters the disinformation, will only reach a fraction of that amount, and most readers here will already be on the side of the right to keep and bear arms.

Too often, that’s an echo chamber.

So, the questions then become, knowing overwhelming numbers of Americans are being swindled and also knowing the danger to all of us that poses at the polls, what can each of us do to alert more of our countrymen to the agenda they’re being fed?

And are we doing it?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David CodreaDavid Codrea
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