Grundens Crewman Tall Boots Review

The Grundens Crewman Tall Boots—Not Your Father’s Rain Boots

In a past life, I worked as a Geotechnical Driller for a local engineering firm. Naturally, leather work boots were an everyday essential for me. Occasionally, the job would take us to environments that were even too gnarly for traditional boots—cue the ol’ rubber boots. With that said, if I had had the Grundens Crewman Tall Boots, those days might have been a little more enjoyable.


  • Soft, flexible rubber
  • Michelin-backed slip-resistant outsole
  • Removable Ortholite insole for added comfort
  • Reinforced construction at critical wear points
  • Integrated boot band help keeps water out


  • A little pricey for some budgets

Grundens Crewman Tall Boots

What They Say

Engineered and developed alongside a Michelin team with over 140-years of rubber chemistry and tread design excellence, the Crewman Tall Boot combines modern design with a complete focus on traction and on-deck performance. Delivering a Michelin-backed slip-resistant outsole that stands up to the rigors of a commercial boat deck, a poured PU platform that offers all-day comfort and support, plus an upper that is reinforced at all critical fail points, the Crewman Boot is equipment that keeps you grounded and comfortable for long shifts on deck.

What We Say

Unfortunately, I don’t currently have access to a commercial fishing vessel to really put these to the test. However, I do have a pressure washer and patio that needs a good cleaning! With that in mind, I broke out the 20-inch surface cleaner and got to work.

Grundens Crewman

These tall boots did a great job keeping my feet dry and protected while working. The soft neoprene lining felt nice against my skin and didn’t cause any irritation like a basic rubber boot might. They’re also incredibly soft and flexible, so kneeling down to inspect my machine was no problem.

Since it’s a little hot here in Central Florida, I decided to go with shorts rather than long pants. Because of this, a little water splashed into the top of the boots while I was cleaning, and it got me a little worried. Wet boots are no good…wet rubber boots are even worse, as they tend to develop an unpleasant odor. I had no reason to worry. The Crewman’s removable insoles air dry very quickly, and the neoprene lining is finished with HeiQ Fresh anti-odor technology.

Grundens Crewman Tall Boots Design Notes

Comfort and Fit

As rubber boots go, I must admit these are definitely in the upper echelon as far as comfort and build quality go. The removable Ortholite sockliner insoles are very lightweight and comfortable, and the neoprene lining provides excellent insulation and helps reduce odor.

Grundens Crewman Tall BootGrundens Crewman Tall Boot

For me, the sizing is spot on. I typically wear a size 11 work boot, and after going through Grundens’ sizing guide, I was very confident in my decision.


Reinforced outsole and upperReinforced outsole and upper

As we mentioned earlier, the design team paired up with the folks over at Michelin to produce a slip-resistant outsole that’s built to last. The poured polyurethane foot bed provides all-day comfort and support, and the upper is layered and reinforced at critical wear points. Despite all the reinforcements, these boots are still incredibly flexible and there was virtually no break-in period.

Product Care

Grundens gives a few helpful tips for keeping these boots clean and making them last. First, they recommend always cleaning with cold, fresh water to remove external dirt and debris, and avoiding contact with any type of solvent. They also recommend using something like Revivex boot treatment if you notice any degradation on the rubber surface.

Michelin SoleMichelin Sole

Lastly, remove the insoles and allow them to air-dry naturally. This allows them to last a little longer and helps avoid any unpleasant odors from building up.

Grundens Crewman Tall Boots Price

These boots retail for $179.99 and are available in sizes M8 through M14. As of right now, there are no half sizes available. Grundens does have a sizing guide if you’re unsure about which size you need—I’d highly recommend giving the guide a once over just to verify the size before you buy.

The Bottom Line

You may not be in the offshore fishing industry, but if you need reliable traction and dry feet in wet conditions, look no further than Grundens Crewman Tall Boots. These boots are exceptionally comfortable and pair easily with other Grundens dry weather gear. They’re durable, ergonomically sound, and exceptionally functional. Here’s to dry feet and sure footing!

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