GPOD on the Road: Here Come the Podophyllums!

We’re visiting another garden with Cherry Ong today, one that she saw on a tour organized by the Vancouver Hardy Plant Society last summer. This is a collector’s shade garden, full of lots of beautiful and unusual plants, including a stunning collection of Podophyllum (mayapples; hardiness varies, but mostly Zones 6–9).

Aside from a few sprays of white flowers, this is a green-on-green-on-green view that is also an incredible study in texture. Bold podophyllum foliage in the foreground contrasts with the more delicate hardy impatiens (Impatiens omeiana, Zones 7–9). The impatiens foliage boasts beautiful lighter green veining down the center of each leaf.

This genus has one famous North American species (Podophyllum peltatum, Zones 4–8) but countless Asian species and hybrids, some of which boast beautifully patterned foliage like this.

The podophyllum flowers hang down under the leaves but are well worth bending down to take a closer look at.

Can’t get enough of this podophyllum foliage!

And how about the stunning geometric patterns on these leaves?

Seen from below, the patterned leaves glow different colors, and the dark flowers are visible.

The narrow gravel path guides you through the lushness and provides a contrast to the rich green.

Stunning flower of the Chinese sweetshrub (Calycanthus chinensis, Zones 5–9)

This garden is a masterpiece in green, and the path slipping out of view invites you to see what might be behind the next bend.

This planted green wall is breathtaking. Everything on it looks so lush and perfect, while two metal fish create a centerpiece to the whole view.

We’ll be back with more photos from this incredible garden tomorrow!


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