Gorgeous Tiger Photos Show These Big Cats in a New Light

Tigers are the stars of the latest Remembering Wildlife project, and the winning photography for the upcoming coffee-table book does not disappoint. In fact, after you have a look at some of the photos that will be featured in Remembering Tigers, you’ll likely have a renewed appreciation for these big cats.

Remembering Wildlife is the collective name for a series of “stunning, hardback coffee table books created by British wildlife photographer Margot Raggett,” whom Outdoors.com interviewed in November. If all goes according to plan, the latest book will release in October.

A Kickstarter campaign for Remembering Tigers wrapped up this week, and supporters overwhelmingly funded the project. 129 backers pledged £169,516; the goal was £20,000.

Enjoy some of the tiger photos that will grace the pages of the upcoming book:

Arijeet Ghosh/Remembering Wildlife
tiger photos
Nitish Madan/Remembering Wildlife
Remembering Widlife
Nitish Madan/Remembering Widlife
Amur tiger
Sascha Fonseca/Remembering Wildlife
Remembering Wildlife
Anirudh Vanimisetty/Remembering Wildlife

There are about 5,574 tigers left in the wild, and tiger populations are on the decline in Southeast Asia. Tigers face threats from poachers and hunters, as well as habitat loss.

The Remembering Tigers project hopes to spotlight this incredible species and their importance as apex predators in their ecosystems. For more information about the project, check out the Kickstarter film:

You can pre-order Remembering Tigers here.

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