First Look: Silencer Central BANISH Speed K Ti

First Look: Silencer Central BANISH Speed K Ti

Silencer Central has just announced the BANISH Speed K Ti, a lighter version of the impressively small BANISH Speed K.

Last year Silencer Central announced the BANISH Speed K 5.56 NATO suppressor, and it was an instant hit due to its amazingly small size. At only 4 inches long and 2 inches wide, the can delivers impressive performance for how short and handy it is. That said, in the world of suppressors, people will always want lighter. That’s why Silencer Central has just announced the BANISH Speed K Ti, a titanium version that will majorly cut down the weight hanging off your muzzle compared to its Inconel older brother.


As you might expect, the new BANISH Speed K Ti has mostly the same specs as the original model besides its titanium construction. The most noticeable difference is the weight, with the Ti version weighing 8.6 ounces rather than 14.1 ounces. On the tip of a rifle, 5.5 ounces makes a big difference. The two variants otherwise share the same caliber range of .17 to 5.56, the same dimensions, the same internal design, the same black Cerakote finish and industry-standard HUB mounts. However, everything in gun design has tradeoffs, and the wonderfully light titanium construction comes with certain downsides too. Firstly, the Ti version is not full-auto rated. Also, despite using the same controlled flow technology and vented fourth baffle, the Ti model has a slightly worse advertised sound reduction (20.6 dB versus 20.9 dB). Finally, titanium is more expensive than Inconel, so the MSRP is $200 higher as well.


Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central, said this about the new suppressor:

Building upon the success of the original BANISH Speed K released in 2023, this all-titanium version takes performance to the next level … We saw an opportunity to take that design and create the perfect silencer for home defense, hunting and competition use. The BANISH Speed K Ti is our most compact, lightweight silencer for the .223 round to date.

For anyone looking to build a suppressed carbine while keeping the package as light and maneuverable as possible, the BANISH SPEED K Ti looks like it will be a top-tier option. MSRP is $1,399.

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