First Look: Colt Python 2.5-Inch Snubbie

First Look: Colt Python 2.5-Inch Snubbie

Colt has just added a 2.5-inch Python model to its catalog, the shortest model now available in the lineup.

Colt relaunched its iconic Python line of .357 Magnum revolvers in 2020, initially offering both 4.25-inch and 6-inch models. Since then, the family has expanded quite a lot, not only with different barrel lengths but with different finishes, grips and sight options as well. As for the classic Stainless Steel line, that included a 6-inch and a 3-inch model. Now, Colt has just added two more to the family, including a 5-inch model and a 2.5-inch Python snubbie.

The 2.5-inch Colt Python.

For those who couldn’t wait to carry a Colt Python, the 3-inch model released in 2022 wasn’t a bad option, but the new 2.5-inch Python is even better for anyone still looking to tote one around. The snubbie Python measures 0.5 inches shorter and is 1 ounce lighter than the 3-inch version, which isn’t a huge difference on paper, but smaller is always appreciated when carried on the hip. The 2.5-inch Python also features smaller Walnut grips with a different profile than what’s on any of the other Python models.

The 5-inch Colt Python that was also just added to the catalog.

Besides the barrel length and the grips, everything else about the 2.5-inch Python is the same as its brethren in the Stainless Steel line, including its price. MSRP is $1,499 and they’re available now.

Colt 2.5-Inch Python SPECS:

  • Caliber: .357 Magnum / .38 Special
  • Frame: Forged Stainless Steel
  • Barrel: 2.5 Inches, 1:14 LH, 6 Groove
  • Sights: Adjustable Target
  • Action: DA/SA
  • Finish: Semi-Bright
  • Grips: Walnut
  • Height: 5.5 Inches
  • Overall Length: 8 Inches
  • Width: 1.55 Inches
  • Weight: 39 Ounces
  • Capacity: 6
  • MSRP: $1,499

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