EGO 56V Cordless 9-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum Review

EGO may be best known for its outstanding line of battery-powered outdoor power equipment. It’s making a name for itself in other categories, though, and the EGO 56V cordless 9-gallon wet dry vacuum looks to shake things up when it comes to dust collection. We got our hands on one, and I’m going to walk you through what I’ve learned about this vacuum as we’ve been using it in our shop for a variety of cleanup tasks.


  • Strongest overall performance we’ve seen from a cordless vacuum
  • Can fully replace your corded shop vacuum
  • Longer runtime than competitors thanks to higher capacity batteries
  • Well-designed hose and accessory storage layout
  • Includes a remote control
  • Built-in filter cleaning mechanism


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EGO 56V Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Performance

Power Source

EGO 56V 5.0Ah Battery

Before we jump into the vac, let’s start with the power source. EGO products use a 56V battery. Thanks to its lawn care focus at its launch, the system includes high-capacity packs that run all the way to 12Ah that pack more than 600Wh in it.

That gives EGO two advantages. First, it’s already running at a higher voltage than other power tool brands, so there’s no need to develop a new battery platform or double up on batteries to the power you need for a vacuum.

Secondly, the higher overall capacity has the potential to run stronger, run longer, or both. In EGO’s case, it’s both. Three speed modes give you the versatility to decide how you want to use the onboard energy.

What’s not obvious on the surface of the battery is the cooling technology that’s built in under the hood. In addition to the benefits of voltage and capacity, EGO is able to run more current through its cells without harming the service life of the pack because of its ability to dissipate heat more effectively.


Vacuuming the ShopVacuuming the Shop

EGO’s wet dry vacuum uses just one battery, and for the reasons above, it’s enough. The kit comes with a 5.0Ah pack, but any EGO 56V battery works. Here’s a breakdown of the runtimes you can expect using a variety of batteries:

Low Mode High Mode Turbo Mode
2.5Ah 30 min 16 min 9 min
4.0Ah 48 min 26 min 14 min
5.0Ah 60 min 35 min 20 min
6.0Ah 72 min 40 min 21 min
7.5Ah 90 min 50 min 27 min
10.0Ah 120 min 66 min 36 min
12.0Ah 144 min 79 min 43 min

To see how accurate EGO’s estimates are, we ran a fresh 5.0Ah battery in all three modes. Here are the runtimes we got:

  • Low: 59:37
  • High: 33:21
  • Turbo: 18:54

These were all a little lower than EGO’s estimates, but considering it was a warm day when we tested (Florida being Florida in March), it’s within our comfort zone of confirming EGO’s claims.

Cleaning Power

At the top of its three modes, the EGO cordless wet dry vacuum can produce 110 CFM and 100 inches of water lift using its brushless motor. Considering it’s cord-free, those are impressive numbers. Here’s the performance level in each of the three modes:

CFM Water Lift
Low 70 CFM 40 inches
High 90 CFM 64 inches
Turbo 110 CFM 100 inches

In the cordless shop vac sector, Milwaukee’s dual-battery M18 Fuel wet dry vac is EGO’s closest competitor, and it’s a premium vacuum we use regularly in our shop. Its peak performance boasts 114 CFM and 78 inches of water lift. While it nudges a little higher than EGO in CFM, EGO has a clear advantage in water lift. Here’s a chart comparing several models we reviewed and recommend:

But what about corded units? it’s a little more challenging to figure out exactly what corded horsepower to line it up with since corded units tend to prioritize CFM over water lift. Here’s how EGO compares to several current Shop-Vac models:

CFM Water Lift
EGO 56V 110 CFM 100 inches
Shop-Vac 4.5HP 5761011 90 CFM 64 inches
Shop-Vac 5.5HP 5801411 145 CFM 70 inches
Shop-Vac 6.5HP 5801611 150 CFM 72 inches

What we can conclude from all of this is that EGO can manage your fine dust collection better than most cordless vacs and just as well as some corded models. Where it has a big advantage over both is in its suction strength. You’ll be able to get heavier debris moving more easily, which is a big deal when you’re cleaning up wood chips/shavings, fasteners, or metal debris.

EGO 56V Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Design Notes

Mode Selection

EGO 56V Cordless 9-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum Control PanelEGO 56V Cordless 9-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum Control Panel

EGO skips over the dials and rocker switches in favor of electronic push button controls. For Low and High, press the speed button. No matter which mode you’re in, you can also kick it straight into Turbo mode with a press of its separate button.

Another interesting design feature is that there’s a separate start/stop switch. Thanks to that and a dedicated power button, you can set the mode without turning on the vacuum so it’s ready when you’re ready.

Remote Starting

EGO 56V Cordless 9-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum Remote ControlEGO 56V Cordless 9-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum Remote Control

Unlike most cordless vacs, there’s a remote control that comes with this model. It’s handy for times when you want to get set up before turning the vac on or immediately switching it off to preserve the battery.

There are two primary buttons to cycle the power and another to kick into Turbo mode. Secondarily, there’s also an LED light on the remote to use as a small flashlight—something that can be handy with the crevice nozzle or round brush.

There are a couple of bonuses I really like as well. The battery is rechargeable via USB-C, and there’s a charging cable that comes with it. It’s a nice upgrade over coin cell batteries that you need to replace.

Another little addition is a magnet on the back. When you’re working with a tool or in a location where there’s ferrous metal, stick it where it’s convenient to reach. When you’re running broader cleanup, there’s a spot on the front of the hose nozzle to stick it. Otherwise, it fits great in your pocket and there’s a dedicated spot for it on the vac for storage.

Filter Cleaning

Filter Cleaning ButtonFilter Cleaning Button

EGO’s cordless wet dry vacuum includes a filter cleaning mechanism—something we sometimes see on jobsite dust extractors but rarely on shop vacs. It’s not a completely automatic system, but it is easy to use and can get your performance back up without having to open the canister.

  • Connect the hose to the intake port
  • Connect the nozzle end to the filter cleaning post on the back
  • Turn the vacuum on (Turbo is the most effective mode for filter cleaning)
  • Press the green filter cleaning button

An effective method to ensure the best filter cleaning is to press the button for 3 seconds, release, and repeat for a total of five presses.

Hose and Accessory Storage

Everything in its PlaceEverything in its Place

Like most shop vacs, the most out of the way storage for the hose is in the 9-gallon canister. The same goes for two wand extensions. With storage for everything else out of the way outside the canister, it makes for a very sleek design.

If you’re like me and want your vacuum ready to go at a moment’s notice, you don’t have to store anything in the canister. The extensions have posts to stick on, the hose clips into holders on the handle, the floor nozzle clips on the back, and the crevice nozzle slides into the front.

Two additional nozzles, a hose adapter, and the remote store under the green lid. The only thing I didn’t find a spot for is the floor nozzle’s spare wet cleanup insert.


EGO 56V Cordless 9-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum WheelsEGO 56V Cordless 9-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum Wheels

For movement around your shop or jobsite, there are two front 360° locking casters and two 6-inch rear wheels. Rolling and maneuvering on hard surfaces is easy, and the hose is plenty strong anough to pull the vac around as you’re cleaning up.

Additional Highlights

  • Front drain plug
  • Conversion to blower by switching the hose to the exhaust port
  • Suction regulator on the hose
  • IPX4 ingress rating
  • 26.7 pounds without battery

EGO Wet Dry Vacuum Price

You can order this vacuum now as a bare tool for $299. If you’d like the kit with a 5.0Ah battery and charger, it’s $499 at your favorite EGO retailer. Here’s what comes in the box:

  • Vacuum
  • Two extension tubes
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Round brush dust nozzle
  • Floor nozzle with brush bar and rubber bar
  • Compact floor nozzle
  • 1 7/8-inch hose
  • Remote control with charging cable
  • Power tool dust port adapter
  • 5.0Ah battery (kit version only)
  • Charger (kit version only)

Pro Tip: Even though the hose and power tool adapter don’t fit every vacuum port, most home improvement retailers carry a wide range of adapters to make a proper fit.

EGO warranties the vacuum for 5 years and the battery for 3 years

The Bottom Line

The product development team behind the EGO 56V cordless wet dry vacuum did their homework and it shows. The performance level is top notch and can fully replace your need for a corded vacuum. There are helpful features everywhere you look and even the accessory management is well-designed. As EGO continues to build out its lifestyle products that run on the same batteries as its lawn care equipment, it’s becoming a more integral part of everyday life, and I’m looking forward to what this system has in store for us next.
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