ECHO Battery-Powered Backpack Leaf Blower Review

ECHO Adds Battery-Powered Technology to Its Backpack Blower Lineup

ECHO’s gas-powered OPE roster runs deep, offering pro-level landscaping tools for every need. When it comes to backpack blowers, the brand’s cast has thus far been limited to gas models, that is until now. We’re looking at what the ECHO DPB-5800T Battery-Powered Backpack Blower has to offer and where it stands in the lineup.


  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Adjustable grip position
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • Lock-on turbo button
  • Sound dampening foam reduces overall noise


ECHO Battery-Powered Backpack Blower Performance

Echo Backpack Blower
  • Max air speed: 195 MPH
  • Max airflow volume: 795 CFM / 25 N

Blowing Force

Echo specs a max air volume of 795 CFM and 195 MPH airspeed. Unfortunately, there’s no easy calculation to compare those values against other blowers, but Newton force gives us a number that shows us how much work a blower does. This blower produced 16.2N of force on high and 23.2N on turbo. With those stats, this blower is among some of the strongest battery-powered backpack blowers we’ve tested yet!


For my runtime test, I threw in three freshly charged 5.0Ah batteries and set the cruise control to max. The blower managed to run for 49 minutes and 34 seconds, which is almost spot on with Echo’s runtime estimate of 50 minutes. On turbo, you can expect around 26 minutes of continuous runtime.

Battery bayBattery bay
Battery Number of Batteries Turbo WOT
8Ah 3 45 min. 80 min.
8Ah 2 30 min. 55 min.
5Ah 3 26 min. 50 min.
5Ah 2 20 min. 35 min.
Runtime stats from Echo

Noise Level

When it comes to lawn equipment, we’re seeing municipalities and HOA’s cracking down on acceptable noise levels across the country. This is a great opportunity for battery-powered alternatives to take pole position in these communities.

Sound dampening foamSound dampening foam

Echo did a great job reducing the noise level on the DPB-5800T. When measured from my ear, our SPL meter clocked it at just 78dB on high and 80dB with the turbo mode engaged. To help dampen the noisy axial fan, Echo placed a foam liner inside the air intake to mitigate any extra noise.

ECHO Battery-Powered Backpack Blower Design Notes

Echo backpack blowerEcho backpack blower
  • Model: Echo DPB-5800T
  • Power Source: Echo 56V batteries
  • Weight: 16.3 lbs (bare), 24.4 lbs (with two 5.0Ah batteries), 28.4 lbs (with three 5.0Ah batteries)

Size and Weight

This backpack blower has a working weight of 28.4 pounds when using all three available battery slots. That’s a pretty big deal, especially when you consider that most battery-powered blowers that fall into this Pro-grade category are easily over 30 pounds. For added comfort, the DBT-5800T features a padded backrest and adjustable chest and shoulder straps, as well as a rubber overmold grip.

shoulder strapsshoulder straps

The only fly in the ointment for me is that it doesn’t have a hip strap to take some of the weight off your shoulders.


Echo controlsEcho controls

This blower features a variable speed trigger, turbo button, and a thumb-operated cruise control lever. Additionally, there’s an LED battery gauge on the grip that lets you keep track of battery levels in real time while you work.

Additional Features

  • Adjustable grip position
  • Adjustable nozzle length

ECHO Backpack Leaf Blower Price

This blower retails for $349.99 as a bare tool and $699.99 as a kit, including two 5.0Ah batteries and a dual-port charger. Echo backs your purchase with a 5-year consumer warranty or a 2-year commercial warranty.

The Bottom Line

For me, there’s no question that the Echo DPB-5800T backpack blower is one of the top performing battery-powered models on the market. It has plenty of power for the mow and blow crews, as well as our residential folks who need to remove yard debris and seasonal leaf buildup. Even more than performance, I was impressed by this blower’s overall value. At $699 for the kit, this is a truly compelling option for Pros who are looking to trade in their gas-powered equipment and make the switch to battery.

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