Doorbell Cam Captures Sound of Lightning Striking Home

Lightning struck a home yesterday afternoon in Erie, Colorado, and a neighbor’s doorbell camera captured the ear-splitting crack and boom sound—and a split-second light show, too. If it sounds this hair-raising on YouTube, imagine what it would have sounded like in person.

According to 9 News in Denver, lightning struck three homes during yesterday’s storm, and the local transportation authority suspended a couple of train lines as it passed through. One of the lightning strikes was in Erie around 4:30 PM local time. Firefighters were able to confirm the strike, according to 9 News.

In security camera footage obtained from a neighbor, you can not only hear the strike but also see a momentary flash of pink/purple light. The image also goes eerily fuzzy at the moment of the strike. Afterward, the lights at the neighbor’s house flicker and reverberations sound like muffled booms in the distance.

Watch and listen here:

If you’re ever in this position and lightning directly strikes your home (or you suspect a strike), call the fire department immediately to have your home and its electrical system examined. Damage to electrical wires can cause fires, even inside walls.

Have you ever witnessed a lightning strike?

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