Colorado Officials on Wolf Restoration: No Wolf or Livestock Mortalities

Colorado wildlife officials on Wednesday released an updated map showing gray wolf activity in the state over the past 30 days. 

According to the release, a notable update since publishing the monthly details is that there have been no wolf mortalities in Colorado and no reported livestock depredation. 

Compared to last month’s data, the map shows gray wolves expanding their territory, stretching further west past Rio Blanco and near Moffat.

However, one of the collars allowing researchers to track the wolves via GPS data is no longer providing a signal, but they confirmed that the animal is traveling with another wolf with a functional tracker. 

The maps are part of the Colorado Wolf Restoration and Management Plan, which the Colorado Parks & Wildlife was tasked with creating following a 2020 ballot initiative. 

The effort involved capturing gray wolves in other states and releasing them in Colorado with the hopes of creating a permanent and self-sustaining wolf population. 

So far, officials have released 10 wolves but are tracking at least 12. They anticipate the wolf population to grow as big as 30 or 50 in three to five years.

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