Bride’s Sister Turns Snake Wrangler at Arizona Wedding

When your sister’s getting married in Arizona and a snake shows up, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to save the wedding. For Erica Rodriguez, a sister of the bride at a recent Florence, Arizona wedding, that meant stepping up to the plate when a slithery guest tried to crash cocktail hour.

In a viral TikTok video from Sandra Leos, another sister of the bride, you can see Rodriguez very casually carrying a gopher snake that’s about as long as she is tall. She holds her dress in one hand and the snake in the other hand as she carries the snake by its tail down some steps, through some people, and into an area to the side of the ceremony site, where she releases it.

In Leos’ video, she asks to no one in particular: “Why isn’t that girl scared of anything?” Turns out, Rodriguez has some experience with snakes.

In an interview with CNN, Rodriguez says she was “a wild kid” and she had snakes as pets in the past. She also tells CNN that she used to watch Steve Irwin on TV. Irwin would be proud, and Rodriguez now has a reputation as the wedding snake wrangler.

Watch her save the day here:

If you saw a snake at a wedding, would you step in like Rodriguez did?

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