Black Bears on a Swan Boat Is Everything We Needed Today

What better way to start, end, or enhance any day than to watch some black bears enjoy a life of luxury by lounging on a swan boat?

A handful of black bears at the Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire, U.K., took advantage of a temporary lake in their exhibit after a bout of rain by climbing into a pedalo boat. The bears’ keepers put the boat there because they thought the bears would like it. (It appears they did.)

Woburn Safari Park posted a delightful video of the whole thing on TikTok:

Zookeepers often introduce new objects into animals’ enclosures as a form of enrichment, to keep them curious and engaged with their surroundings. It seems this enrichment, in the form of a swan boat, was a hit with the bears—and the TikTok community.

Have you ever seen black bears in a swan boat? We’re guessing not.

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