Bigfoot Sighting in Washington Is Probably Not What You Think

A recent Bigfoot sighting in Washington State’s Thurston County made the local newspaper. In February, a 31-year-old man, his young son, and his friend were riding motorcycles off road near Grand Mound when the 3.5-year-old boy pointed at a distant figure running along a ridge about a half-mile away.

The two adults saw what the boy pointed at, and it struck them as odd. The figure appeared tall—too tall to be human, the witness told the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization). The trio watched the too-tall, tan/brown humanoid figure run for about 30 seconds before it disappeared from view.

Did they spot a sasquatch?

The area isn’t new to Bigfoot sightings. BFRO investigator Scott Taylor wrote in the report documenting the sighting:

“These are the routes I suspect [sasquatches] use when they need to transit between the mountains of the Olympic Peninsula, including the Capital Forest area, and the Cascade Mountains where Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens is located.”

Image by BFRO

The Plot Thickens

It’s what happened after the sighting that makes the situation even more interesting. After news about the sighting started circulating, a local cross-country athlete came forward, saying he was the supposed sasquatch.

The Chronicle reports staff received an email from Gunnar Morgan, a Rochester High School student, after the original story ran.

He wrote: “That sasquatch running was me.”

Morgan is over six feet tall, and he and his cousin were apparently running in step and side-by-side along that same ridge on the same date and time as the Bigfoot sighting. He says his GPS-enabled Garmin watch can prove he was there.

“I can pinpoint exactly where the motorcyclists must’ve spotted us and where we must’ve been,” Morgan wrote to The Chronicle. “I stand 6-foot-1, and from a distance, we could be mistaken for a larger creature.”

What do you think? Was Morgan the sasquatch, or did he narrowly miss encountering one that was also out for a run?

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