Best New DeWalt Tools – March 2024 Update

DeWalt puts out tons of new products every year, covering everything from core contractor tools to specialty trade-focused ones. It can be tough to track everything, so we’ll keep you up to date with the best new DeWalt tools as they’re announced.

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Best New DeWalt Tools

DeWalt 20V Max XR 1-1/2 Inch PEX Expander

New DeWalt Tools

Designed with busy plumbing Pros in mind, the DeWalt 20V Max XR 1-1/2 inch PEX expander increases expansion speed by up to 20%. The kit includes 1-inch, 1-1/4 inch, and 1-1/2 inch expansions heads and the tool is also compatible with DeWalt’s existing 3/8 to 1-inch expansion heads. The overall design is optimized for working overhead and features an auto-rotating head mechanism to ensure even expansion. The DCE410P1 also features a brushless motor, LED work light, and side mounted rafter hook for added convenience.

Price: $849

DeWalt 20V Max Copper Swage Tool

New DeWalt ToolsNew DeWalt Tools

The 20V Max Copper Swage Tool is a soft copper expansion tool for HVACR professionals, efficiently producing even expansions in seconds. Designed for use with 1/4-inch to 1 5/8-inch soft, annealed copper, the swage tool increases efficiency of HVACR installations. The DCE450D1 reduces the number of copper fittings and brazed joints needed to finish the job. It features auto rotating expansion heads that produce swages suitable for brazing as well as a steel body and nickel-plated steel jaws. At the moment, we don’t have an exact release date or price, but we’ll keep you updated as information becomes available.

Price: TBA

DeWalt Impact Connect Inside Pipe Cutter

New DeWalt ToolsNew DeWalt Tools

DeWalt is expanding their specialized Impact Connect lineup. The Impact Connect Inside Pipe Cutter delivers fast, powerful cutting action thanks to its durable diamond grit cutting wheel. It features a mechanically fixed blade, corrosion resistant barrel, and a laser-etched depth gauge. This versatile attachment harnesses the power of your existing 1/4-inch impact driver and gives you a distinct advantage during tough plumbing jobs.

Price: $24.99

DeWalt PowerShift Battery System

DeWalt PowerShift Battery System

DeWalt PowerShift Electrified Equipment Battery SystemDeWalt PowerShift Battery System

DeWalt PowerShift Electrified Equipment Battery System

DeWalt signaled its next big focus just in time for World of Concrete 2024. The DeWalt PowerShift battery system is an expansion of the 60V line, but it’s not a direct FlexVolt counterpart. The battery is designed to target tools that currently run on small gas engines, pointing to an even higher output and capacity than FlexVolt can reach. However, FlexVolt batteries are compatible with the new DeWalt tools on the system using an adapter as a way to extend runtime, though it doesn’t appear they’re designed to act as the primary power source.

Price: TBA

DeWalt PowerShift Plate Compactor DCPS7154

PowerShift Plate Compactor DCPS7154PowerShift Plate Compactor DCPS7154

One of six new DeWalt PowerShift tools, the plate compactor features a 15.7-inch plate and delivers 3370 ft-lbs of force. The design team paid close attention to the ergonomics of the control layout and gave it a folding handle.

Price: TBA

DeWalt PowerShift Rammer DCPS660

PowerShift Rammer DCPS660PowerShift Rammer DCPS660

Shifting from the broader plate compactor to a smaller rammer, the DCPS660 offers 2660 ft-lbs of force. The design includes vibration-reducing insulators and a two-position handle that holds the controls.

Price: TBA

DeWalt PowerShift Backpack Vibrator DCPS310

PowerShift Backpack Vibrator DCPS310PowerShift Backpack Vibrator DCPS310

The first of two concrete vibrator tools, DeWalt’s backpack vibrator has a working weight of 25 pounds, including the DeWalt PowerShift battery. A roll cage protects the tool, while a hi-vis harness design keeps the operator more visible.

Price: TBA

DeWalt PowerShift Powerpack Vibrator DCPS320

DeWalt PowerShift Powerpack Vibrator DCPS320DeWalt PowerShift Powerpack Vibrator DCPS320

Designed to sit on the ground or have a second person carry the Powerpack, this vibrator takes the majority of the weight off the operator. When you’re using it solo, DeWalt Tool Connect gives you the option to activate the unit remotely. There’s also a shoulder strap to make transportation easier.

Price: TBA

DeWalt PowerShift Power Screed DCPS330

DeWalt PowerShift Power Screed DCPS330DeWalt PowerShift Power Screed DCPS330

The power screed has an adjustable handle and controls you can mount to either side, making for a highly customizable setup.

Price: TBA

DeWalt PowerShift Core Drill DCD150 and Stand DCPS151

DeWalt PowerShift Core Drill DCD150 and Stand DCPS151DeWalt PowerShift Core Drill DCD150 and Stand DCPS151

Part of DeWalt’s Perform & Protect lineup, the core drill includes bind-up protection to prevent over-rotation and reduce the risk of injury. The overall size of the tool and stand lends itself to close wall or ceiling applications. Pair it with DeWalt’s 20V Max water supply to avoid having to find a hose bib and dragging long hoses around.

Price: TBA

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