Bear Bites Tourist Through Car Window

A Scottish tourist is in good humor after a brown bear bit her while on holiday in Romania. She and her friend were trying to get photos of two bears—a mom and a cub—from their vehicle, when the bear bit one of the women’s hands.

Moira Gallacher, 72, and her friend Charmian Widdowson were driving through the Carpathian Mountains when they spotted two brown bears on the side of the road. Gallacher told STV News that the pair first photographed the bear’s from Widdowson’s side of the car, and it went just fine.

Image via STV News

Since Gallacher didn’t get a “proper picture” from her phone, they turned the car around. This time, the bears approached Gallacher’s side of the vehicle. She rolled the window down, and the mother bear bit her right hand.

Despite the experience, both women seem in good spirits. In a YouTube video, Gallacher laughs after making a joke about being on local news while she was wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher.

Widdowson similarly cracked jokes about how the bear had heard the pair saying they weren’t going to feed the bears, so the bear decided to bite down on Gallacher’s hand for lunch instead.

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