Aurora Borealis Photos from Swiss Alps, Prague, and … Arizona?

Many people outside of the Arctic Circle had the rare opportunity to view the Northern Lights in the night sky this weekend. A rare and particularly strong geomagnetic storm made the spectacle possible in many areas of Europe and the United States. Stunning photos are peppering social media from places like Switzerland and Prague in Europe and Chicago and North Carolina in the United States. Perhaps most surprisingly, though, are the Aurora Borealis photos from places way south, like Arizona and Florida.

Here are some of our favorites.

Apparently, the Matterhorn in Switzerland shone bubblegum pink and cotton candy pink/blue, thanks the Aurora.

Sam Lillo lives in Colorado but is traveling in Europe, and yesterday he captured some beautiful photos of the Northern Lights over Prague in the Czech Republic.

In the United States, cities like Chicago were treated to a Northern Lights show.

Here’s an incredible shot from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

But the real shockers came from states in the south of the U.S., like Florida and Arizona.

How cool to see the Northern Lights behind Florida palm trees and Arizona saguaros.

Did you take some Aurora Borealis photos this weekend from your backyard?

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