Assault Weapons Ban PASSES HOUSE! What Next? ~ VIDEO

On Sunday, 4/14/24, the Colorado House Chamber passed HB24-1292, a so-called “Assault Weapons” ban, on a 35-27 vote.

All Republicans and 9 Democrats voted against it.

It’s important to note the bill has only passed the House Chamber. It will now move to the Senate Chamber where it’s facing a much more uncertain journey, in addition to running against the clock as the 2024 Legislative Session ends May 8th.

This bill is so broadly written it bans roughly 90% of semi-auto shotguns, 73% of semi-auto rifles, and 64% of semi-automatic handguns. Those statistics are based on this bill defining an “assault weapon” as a rifle, shotgun or handgun that accepts a detachable magazine AND has one of a whole laundry list of various other features that are either cosmetic in nature or features that are used to help those who are weaker more accurately and safely be able to use the firearm.

According to FBI Crime Statistic data, murder by rifle deaths in Colorado are incredibly rare (5 in 2019, 8 in 2020). Murder by shotgun deaths are even more rare (1 in 2020). For comparison, murder by knife or other sharp object is much more common (32 in 2019, 40 in 2020). And the handguns this bill would ban are commonly used in self defense. You can dig into that data yourself HERE.


Contact YOUR own State Senator and ask they vote NO on this bill. CLICK HERE to find their contact info (use button at top to identify who yours is if you are unsure).

Please then contact these Democrat members of the Senate Chamber and ask they vote NO.

If you have specific concerns about parts of the bill or personal stories, please relay those in your correspondence. There are some Democrats who are on the fence with this bill.


In the Senate the first step would be a public hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary committee where they will take public comment/testimony. This will be an extremely difficult committee for it get through as it is a 5 member committee with one swing vote that could kill the entire bill.

You can find the contact info for these committee members HERE.

You will notice that the bill sponsor herself, Julie Gonzales, is the committee chair. Dylan Roberts is the swing vote.

Please keep your correspondence respectful and provide specific concerns or personal stories if you have them.

We will let you know as soon as this bill is scheduled in committee.


HB24-1310 “School (un)Safety Measures” Disarms Private School Security. This bill was KILLED in committee on 4/11 by it’s own bill sponsors. A great win for parents and gun rights advocates alike.

HB24-1349 “Excise Tax On Firearms & Ammunition” – This bill passed out of the House Finance Committee on a 6-5 vote with an amendment reducing the tax rate from 11% to 9%.

There has been no movement on this bill since it’s initial committee hearing. It needs to be schedule in House Appropriations committee to address the fiscal note and it has yet to be scheduled.

SB21-131 “Prohibiting Carrying Firearms in Sensitive Spaces” The amended version of this bill passed the Senate Chamber on 4/3, moved to the House Chamber, and is now scheduled in House Judiciary Committee for a public hearing on 4/17.

House Judiciary Hearing
Wednesday, April 17th at 1:30 PM
Colorado State Capitol, Denver
Provide public comment in-person or remotely. For instructions to sign up to testify, visit the Legislative Watch page on our website.

The amended version of this bill is now limited to a prohibition on the carry of a firearms into government buildings, polling locations, and educational institutions such as colleges and preschools (with a carveout for security approved by the educational institution itself, such as FASTER participants). It also exempts parking areas.

HB24-1353 Creation of a Colorado Firearm Retailer License for FFLs This bill has now passed House Business Affairs committee, House Finance committee, and is scheduled in House Appropriations committee on 4/17. This committee will address the fiscal note.

This bill creates a state level redundant bureaucracy on firearm retailers. In addition to an FFL, firearm retailers would need to obtain a state permit for $400 and go through all the hoops the ATF already made them go through. The bill allots roughly $3 million dollars to create the system and hire enforcement who would randomly audit gun stores – or they’d audit if a gun store is anonymously reported.

SB24-066 Require Firearm Retailers To Use Firearm Specific Merchant Codes. This bill has passed entirely and is awaiting Governor Polis’ signature. You can contact him and ask he veto it.

HB24-1348 Secure Firearm Storage In Vehicle has passed the House Chamber and is making it’s way through the Senate chamber.

If it becomes law it would require firearms be in locked cases and out of sight when left unattended in vehicles. It continues to be amended at each hearing.

You can always follow all current Colorado legislation on the Legislative Watch page of our website where you will also find info to sign up to testify in committees.

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