Arrowhead Tactical Apparel’s ROSE Line For Women

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel’s ROSE Line For Women

A look at the Arrowhead Tactical Apparel ROSE line of dedicated concealed carry clothing for women.

It’s not always easy to carry a gun, especially when engaged in activities that necessitate clothing besides a proper pair of pants. Arrowhead Tactical Apparel is one of the companies trying to solve this problem with its athleisure wear designed from the ground up to allow the carrying of a firearm. The company’s Carrier Shorts and Carrier Joggers have proven very popular with men for this reason, but now women can take advantage as well with the ROSE line following its launch late last year.


Developed in partnership with ROSE by Sig Sauer, the line currently features two colors of ROSE Carrier Joggers (black and gray) and one color of ROSE Carrier Shorts (black). The clothes are functionally identical to the male versions but are instead catered to women’s body shapes and preferences.

Like all of Arrowhead Tactical’s pants and shorts, they enable the wearer to carry a handgun thanks to the internal belt loop system. Once your belt is installed and properly sized, it will keep the pants, an IWB holster and a handgun securely in place. When purchasing a pair, you have the option of adding Arrowhead’s OmniCarry retention belt for an additional fee, but the system is also compatible with most 1.5-inch belts.


Hana Bilodeau, Senior Instructor and Director of Training & Special Events for Sig Sauer, said this about the Arrowhead Tactical ROSE line:

The Arrowhead Tactical Apparel partnership with Rose by SIG SAUER is one that we are very proud of. This line of concealed carry apparel fills a void in the industry for women … Not only are the products fashion forward, but the garments are also made from top quality material. The design and structure provided by using the OmniCarry Retention Belt takes concealed carry retention to a whole new level. As a former federal officer, I am very particular about what I use for concealment products, this line by far exceeds my expectations.

ROSE Carrier Joggers have an MSRP of $87.99 and ROSE Carrier Shorts have an MSRP of $59.99. Including an Arrowhead Tactical belt will increase the price by another $18.

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