Another State of Emergency in California as Flooding and Strong Storms Slam the Golden State

The State of California is in a State of Emergency as extreme weather is once again wreaking havoc along the southern coast. Unlike recent storms that brought heavy rains, this system also brings strong winds.

According to multiple media outlets, tens of millions are in a high wind advisory with power outages around the state. On top of that, people are being forced to evacuate their homes due to flooding. While the state suffered from droughts for years, the recent storms have brought new devastation in the form of landslides.

The hazardous weather started earlier this past weekend. One of the early reports showed a washed-out road to a popular surf area.

A video from Surfline shows the road at San Onofre State Park is gone. The park is in an area north of San Diego.

However, some of the most extensive damage we see now comes from north of Los Angeles.

People are also reporting multiple rescues, with people trying to escape flood waters.

The storms also bring flight delays and cancellations from San Francisco down to San Diego. The cancellations of these major airports could impact other flights around the country.

Officials are warning the worst of the storm will continue through tomorrow. More than 8,500 emergency officials are working with different state agencies and the National Guard to keep everyone safe.

When it comes to the outdoors, storms in the area can quickly destroy trail systems and create dangerous conditions. People should avoid venturing out until officials announce everything is safe.
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