Angry Mama Bear Mauls Moving Truck in Hokkaido, Japan

Ain’t no anger like a mama bear’s anger. Two men were driving their tiny truck on a path through a wooded area in Hokkaido, Japan, when they came between a mother bear and her cub. What happened next is both predictable and terrifying.

In a video posted by ABC7 News, you can watch as the angry bear comes running from the woods onto the road in front of the truck, and does not even flinch as the truck continues to drive toward it. Then, the bear mauls the truck, batting at the windscreen with its gigantic paws and mangling the windshield wipers.

The truck briefly stops when the bear is directly in front of it, but then, thankfully, the men are able to keep driving as they speed away from the bear. Hokkaido police released the footage and said the truck had come between the mother bear and her cub, though we couldn’t spot a cub in the footage.

Police also shared a photo of the truck after the incident. The windscreen is cracked and the front of the vehicle is dented and battered looking. ABC7 reports that the men were foraging in the woods when the attack happened, but thankfully, they were in the truck and not outside of it when they crossed paths with the bears.

Watch as a bear mauls a truck here:
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