Alex Honnold’s Death-Defying Arctic Ascent in Full

You can now watch Alex Honnold’s latest rock-climbing documentary in full and for free. The three-part mini-series Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold was first released on streaming services in February.

In Arctic Ascent, viewers follow Honnold’s journey to conquer a dream of his by scaling the extreme, exposed granite walls of Ingmikortilaq in remote Greenland.

Alex on the glacier. (Source: National Geographic/Matt Pycroft)

At the beginning of the mini-series, Honnold’s wife Sanni McCandless talks about how after her husband’s infamous free solo climb of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, Honnold felt a little lost. He needed a new purpose and a new way to make an impact on the world.

Now a father of two girls (his second daughter was born just last month), life holds new meaning for Honnold, who has used his fame to bring attention to climate change and the impact it’s having on the remote places he likes to explore. In fact, this Greenland climb was part of an expedition to collect data about the impact of climate change on the glaciers in the area.

He says in Arctic Ascent: “You can only roll the dice like that so many times. It’s the kind of climb that you do only if it matters enough to you.”

Watch Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold here:

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