29 States Now Recognize Constitutional Carry Thanks to South Carolina

Iowa and Tennessee Constitutional Carry Laws Effective on 1 July, 2021, iStock-602335156
29 States Now Recognize Constitutional Carry Thanks to South Carolina, iStock-602335156

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), which is the largest, fastest-growing self-defense association in the country dedicated to responsible gun owners, today released a statement celebrating the passage of H. 3594 in South Carolina, which empowers law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm without a government permit.

“The USCCA and our 800,000 members nationwide applaud South Carolina for joining the ranks of 28 other states that have passed constitutional carry to guarantee their citizens’ inherent right to self-defense. The tidal wave of states taking this step to protect concealed carry rights in recent years demonstrates the overwhelming support across the country for promoting a culture of responsible gun ownership,” said Jake Schmidt, a spokesperson for the USCCA.

29 states now recognize the inherent right of every law-abiding citizen to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their communities with a firearm. South Carolina’s constitutional carry law will take effect immediately, and just yesterday, Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed his state’s new constitutional carry bill, which will take effect on July 4, 2024.

“Now that almost every state that’s likely to pass constitutional carry has secured these victories, our members will be eager to see additional solutions at the federal level that will further enhance Americans’ natural-born right to self-defense, including the passage of national concealed carry reciprocity by Congress,” concluded Schmidt.

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