#1 Selling Armor Kit in America, Rittenhouse ‘Essentials’ $315.00 FREE S&H

Armored Republic has the #1 Selling Armor Kit in America available and shipping now! The AR500 Rittenhouse ‘Essentials’ Armor Kit is now $315.00 and ships for FREE while supplies last.

The Rittenhouse ‘Essentials’ Body Armor Kit

He answered the distress call of someone he loved. He avoided combat and gave medical attention. Then handled himself well when trouble came to him.

The best things are worth fighting for. Are you ready for battle?

The Testudo Gen 2 is designed for both coverage and comfort. For coverage, the Testudo Gen 2 is able to carry an entire loadout of gear via its PALS webbing. It can also hold the biggest plate size the industry offers (11”x14”) as well as the more common 10”x12”. Its cummerbund also accommodates 6×6 and 6×8 side plates for protection facing all directions. For comfort, generous padding prevents chafing and the full adjustability of the cummerbund let you choose the ideal fit. This adjustability makes the Testudo more than a “one-size-fits-all” solution since the size itself can be changed to best suit you.

The Testudo also has plenty of PALS webbing for attaching MOLLE-compatible pouches, holsters, and accessories. On the PALS is an application of Velcro, offering superior versatility for placement of medical, moto, or other patches or gear.

The A2 is rated Level III+. This means it goes above the NIJ Level III rating. We ensure our armor is capable of stopping 5.56×45 M193, 5.56×45 M855/SS109 at 3,000 FPS as well as AK-47 rounds (7.62×39) and .308 (7.62×51 M80 NATO Ball) at 2,850 FPS.

The A2 is also extremely durable. It takes many hits without compromise. It can be dropped and knocked around without losing power. It also provides the same protection on the edges as it does in the center.

The included pouches begin your kit building: rifle mag pouches and the IFAK pouch + nitrile gloves for medical affluence.

The upgrade option Trauma Pads decrease blunt force impact from the bullet after the plate stops the round. They are made of a non-newtonian foam that resists compression.

#1 Selling Armor Kit in America, The Rittenhouse ‘Essentials’ ~ $315.00 FREE S&H

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